Writing articles is one of the stages that precedes the defense of a dissertation. To get an academic degree, you need to correctly compile and place three or more publications in peer-reviewed journals. For printing, you should choose publications that have the highest certification. The desired length of each of them is 8-11 pages. At the same time, the article should be relevant, unique, informative and scientifically based. It must be properly designed and meet all the requirements for such projects.

How to confirm your expertise?

Writing articles for publication is a lot of work that requires significant mental and time expenditures. To provide a high-quality product to the scientific community, you need to process a large volume of literature, organize existing knowledge, plan stages, and perform research on the topic under study.

The article should disclose the relevance of the issue, describe the methods of analysis used and the conclusions (results) obtained. The finished material is published for further review by the community in journals or in specialized collections.

Writing scientific articles using Writemypapers.org — this is a convenient and profitable solution for scientists who want to place publications not only in domestic journals, but also in foreign publications.

Writing scientific papers Writemypapers.org it has several goals:

  • Recognition of authorship. The right to scientific discoveries and ideas is reserved for those scientists who first published the results of research. That is why many figures are in a hurry to share their best practices with the media;
  • confirmation of active activity. A little-known scientist defending a dissertation is suspicious. The PhD and PhD community may have questions, such as where the researcher got the information from. An applicant who periodically publishes articles, clearly demonstrates the results of their activities, creates a name for themselves in specialized circles;
  • the popularization of a specific topic. Published materials are discussed and reviewed from various sides by experts. This is useful for science and the author of articles. Scientists who deal with similar issues can compare the results of their work with information from publications, recommend relevant sources, or provide refuting arguments that will help direct the activity in a different direction.

Writing educational articles Writemypapers.org performed according to the prescribed requirements. The author thoroughly studies scientific sources, understands the topic, basic concepts, and professional terminology. All articles must be reviewed.

The peculiarities of cooperation with Writemypapers.org.

To help you write an article, follow these steps:

  1. Selection or elaboration of a relevant topic (experts Writemypapers.org take into account the field of scientific activity of the candidate).
  2. Preparation of an abstract (it indicates the relevance of the topic and the essence of the work, the novelty of the idea).
  3. Preparation of the main parts of the article (introduction, theoretical section, research).
  4. Systematization and summing up (with scientific justification of the results obtained, with the presentation of graphic materials: diagrams, formulas, tables).
  5. Statement of conclusions (this is the final stage, which indicates the benefits of the work done for science and the topic studied in the course of the study).

Making a list of used sources with links to them in the text.

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