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palana view

North East River viewpoint

A feature of travelling out to the North East River ocean outlet is the chance it offers you to look across to one of the Furneaux Group's most iconic features – the Sisters Islands.

These were one of just a handful of features named by Tobias Furneaux as he travelled past this coastline in 1773.

sisters historic map

A sketch drawn by the Master of the HMS Adventure – Peter Fanin – described them as "the Sisters, which appear like so many sails as you come from Cape Barren"

fanin sketch

Matthew Flinders later commented in 1798 that: "The Sisters were very well named by Captain Furneaux, being much alike: they may be seen eight or ten leagues."

The islands provided both a range of natural landing places and also resources including water, muttonbirds and wallabies. These were featured in the 1832 map of the island.

the sisters map