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mt killiecrankie view

Palana and the Boyes connection

Along with Killiecrankie, Palana is one most striking places to visit on any trip to the north of Flinders Island. We can't easily see across Palana from Walkers Lookout however as Mount Boyes blocks the view.

palana map

This is fitting in a way given the connection between the two places. This was explained in a newspaper article from 1937 that told how George Boyes first settled at Palana in 1888.

"A little more than 50 years ago the island was thrown open for settlement, and the first man to take advantage of this was Mr. George Boyes, who came to Flinders in 1888 and still lives there at his property, "The Hermitage", Palana, at the northern end of the Island."

"Mr. Boyes recalls that he could not see 50 yards from the spot where his house now stands, the scrub of ti-tree old gums was so thick... When he and other settlers came to the northern end of Flinders Island, Mr. Boyes recalls that everything had to be carried on back a mile and a half from the beach at Palana.""

1887 map

"Goods were landed on to the rocks there, and later when stock was brought out the animals were put overboard to swim to the beautiful hard beach, which is considered one of the best on the island."

"It was a long time before the land would grow anything, and a living was gained by snaring kangaroo and wallaby. The hard struggle would not have been so bad, it is considered had there been better communication. However, there were thousands of kangaroo, and the settlers did it very well. Even twice a day they would get game from snares placed around the house.

Then horses were brought, and the burden was lightened a little. Sheep and cattle followed, and it was soon found that the mild winters, scarcity of frosts, and early feed made the island admirably suited to fattening."
(Launceston Examiner 20 Feb 1937)